The Shop Around the Corner

Only Altrincham Film Club can bring you a Christmas film based on a 1940’s Hungarian play which morphed in to a Broadway musical in the 1960’s (She Loves Me) and ended up as You’ve Got Mail in the 1990’s.
So why not come and share our 1960’s snack’s (pineapple and cheese on sticks no less) while pulling a cracker and nibbling on Christmas cake and stollen while watching a romantic comedy in the finest sense of the word.

New York Times, 2003
…a pretty kettle of bubbling brew it makes under Mr. Lubitsch’s deft and tender management and with a genial company to play it gently, well this side of farce and well that side of utter seriousness.

Chicago Reader 2007
This 1940 film is one of Ernst Lubitsch’s finest and most enduring works, a romantic comedy of dazzling range.

Time Magazine, 2008
As the plot has as many complications as characters, much of the fun comes in watching Scripter Samson Raphaelson neatly tangle and untangle them without tying himself in a hard knot.

Come and join us on Monday 12th December, doors and snacks at 7.30, short at 8pm followed by The Shop Around the Corner around 8.20pm