Writing With Fire follows the reporters of India’s only all-women news outlet, Khabar Lahariy, capturing stories on their mobile phones while battling personal and political challenges. The women’s grit in the face of hostility is impressive, and remarkable when you learn they come from the Dalit (so-called untouchable) caste.

Nominated for Best Documentary at the 2022 OSCARS.
Mark says:
It is extraordinary to accompany these amazing women as they risk their own safety to get the very centre of the story, and then to stay with them as they travel home, back to where they must navigate more rules and expectations.”
What the critics said:
I’m fascinated by these women who cover dangerous ground – treading centuries of patriarchy and caste prejudice with measure and grace” Aparita Bhanndari, Globe and Mail.

It’s a stirring and inspiring documentary about some very courageous women, who deftly articulate and defend the need for accurate, fearless journalism in the pursuit of justice.” Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

Writing With Fire is at its best when emphasising the barriers these women have to overcome daily to fulfil their desires to be journalists, and showcasing the importance of Khabar Lahariya’s work where corruption runs amok.” Jenny Nuff, Austin Chronicle.