Do nothing. Stay and fight. Or leave the Garden of Eden…These are the stark choices faced by the women of the Mennonite community.
When their abusers are finally taken into custody, the women have 24 hours to decide what action to take.
Their opinions are thrillingly vibrant and engaging, with a strong streak of acerbic humour, despite the sombre subject matter.
Director Sarah Polley won the OSCAR for Best Adapted Screenplay.

“Polley may paint this fresco in muted tones, but her staging is powerful and epic: she’s not showing a conversation, but a revolution.” Mireia Mullor, Fotogramas.

“It is compelling, gripping, powerful, as tense as a thriller. Think of it this way: it’s like Twelve Angry Men, but in this instance it’s Eight Angry Women (in a hayloft).” Deborah Ross, The Spectator.

Once again, Mark has pulled one out the bag: unavailable for film club distribution in the UK, Mark contacted the mega American distributor, Universal Pictures, for permission to show it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get…and we’ve got it!

Without depicting or describing explicitly the abuse the women have faced, we witness the compelling debate the women have amongst themselves.

Mark says: The film poster tag line says Do Nothing. Stay and Fight. Leave. Yet again these very difficult “choices”, the anguish of making the right decisions, of taking the best action, is never forced on their abusers. But watching these women find their voices is uplifting and very moving…and there will be tears.