This film uncovers the hidden legacy of photographer Tish Murtha, shedding light on her unyielding spirit and extraordinary work. It is a tribute to courage, love, and the transformative power of art. Experience the journey of a remarkable artist whose message still resonates with audiences today.

Mark says “We are all familiar with photographs that reveal the lives of others appearing like a “poverty safari”. Tish Murtha was different: she was from this place, from these streets, her images have a unique warmth and connection. Tish was not an outsider looking in, except when it came to her acceptance by the established artistic community…a rare, revealing, moving experience.”

An engrossing, affectionate film…” Wendy Ide, The Observer.

Tish is a tremendous, humane tribute to a real artist.” Paul Bradshaw, The Guardian.

The film is handsome, but director Paul Sng keeps nudging the spotlight away from his own creative decisions: back towards the photographs, and the presence on-camera of Murtha’s daughter, Ella, a sensitive interviewer of friends and colleagues.” Danny Leigh, The Financial Times.