The Worst Person in the World?

On the verge of turning thirty, Julie is faced with a series of choices that we all recognise, but how to decide which one to take?

Mark says:
“One of the best things about being a BAFTA judge, (Oooooh) is that every new movie is a mystery waiting to be discovered.  I avoid reviews but I can’t avoid the poster; so I’m thinking, what has she done to deserve being called The Worst Person In The World?  Or maybe she’s looks so happy because the actual “worst person” has just got their comeuppance?  What will the film be like? Will I be annoyed that I’ve just wasted an hour and a half?

Well, occasionally you are very surprised by the unexpected and original, like The Worst Person In The World.  Because I’m thinking what is she going to do next? How will she react? Did she really just say that? She really did just do that!”

Winning Best Actress at The Cannes Film Festival, lead actor Renate Reinsve said, “We asked questions when we made this movie and I feel we didn’t give any answers”.

Nothing happens, but everything happens. It feels like life.” Christy Lemrie, NPR Los Angeles
Julie is a great modern character, full of contradictions, so alive and sparkling that you can’t take your eyes off her.” Karen Gordon, Original CIn.

The Worst Person in the World, Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s latest film, hits on a universal truth: None of us know what the hell we’re doing.” Emily Zemler, Observer.
Blending melancholy wistfulness with unruly energy and piercing humour, it’s a down-to-earth tale of love and death, boosted by a brilliantly believable central performance and elevated by fantastical moments of hallucinogenic horror and ecstatic joy.” Mark Kermode, Observer.