Without telling Cáit (The Quiet Girl) her parents decide they need a break from looking after her and pack the girl off for the summer to cousin Eibhlín and her husband Seán. Perhaps Cáit’s quietness is that of an abuse victim or of a clever person who knows that not talking is the way to survive; as Seán tells her: “Many’s the person missed the opportunity to say nothing.”

Mark Says:
I’d read nothing about the film before I saw THE QUIET GIRL and I would suggest you do the same. Book your seat, bring a friend, the 30th of March can’t come soon enough.


“As beautiful as it is devastating.” Odie Henderson, Boston Globe.

“Extremely lovely, gentle, and rewards your patience.” Christy Lemire, FilmWeek.

“One of the most exquisitely realised films of the year.” Wendy Ide, Observer, UK

“It’s a powerful, sustained feeling and the payoff is almost more than a normal heart can handle. Absolutely worthy of its Oscar nomination, this film is well worth seeking out.” Steven Prokopy, Third Coast Review.

“A genuine work of art by a genuinely empathetic artist, and one of the single most moving, heartfelt, and heartbreaking movies from any country in the last decade. That only sounds like hyperbole until you see it.” David Fear, Rolling Stone.