The Perfect Candidate

We certainly have our finger on the pulse once again!
Released only last week, our film choice for Thursday 14th May, our first film for May, is THE PERFECT CANDIDATE.
We hope you remember the amazing WADJDA, we screened it for film club way back in 2013!  It was the first feature film shot in Saudi Arabia, AND directed by a woman, Haifaa al-Mansour;  THE PERFECT CANDIDATE, is her latest project.
Mila al-Zahrani plays Maryam, a young female doctor who finds she can’t travel outside the country without her father’s permission.  To navigate the relentless Saudi bureaucracy she signs up for the local elections…
a fine lesson in some of the key ingredients of political life in Saudi or anywhere else: nepotism, cynicism, sexism and chaos.

Even though Maryam’s current goal is to become a politician, her fight to be listened to and taken seriously is just as much of a prize.