The Handmaiden

Our May film is The Handmaiden, a sumptuous and exhilarating period thriller inspired by Sarah Waters’ best-selling novel ‘Fingersmith’. With breath taking visuals, grandiose set design and frenzied humour.

The Handmaiden is an erotic fantasy set in Korea in the 1930s that tries to ravish your senses so thoroughly you may not notice its sleights of hand. Manohla Dargis, New York Times

Commercial and arthouse audiences alike will either thrill to its stylized potboiler elements or swoon over the opiate influence of Park’s signature aesthetic beauty. Maggie Lee, Variety

The Handmaiden is just pure cinema, a dizzying, disturbing fable of love and betrayal that overloads the viewer with luxurious imagery, while never losing track of the tragic, human core of its story. David Sims, The Atlantic