The Gullspång Miracle follows two religious sisters who buy an apartment after being convinced by a divine sign. But when they meet the seller they are amazed, she looks identical to their other sister, who died thirty years ago. It’s a miracle! Or maybe not…

A true crime mystery crossed with a Coen Brothers comedy” CBS News.

Mark says:
“Director Greta Gerwig had a vision of how she would bring the (in)famous Barbie doll to life, Oppenheimer came from Christopher Nolan’s imagination, with help from a best selling biography, but The Gullspång Miracle was very different.

Director Maria Fredriksson received a phone call from 2 women who had just met their dead sister. Yes, you did read that correctly.  The sisters thought this story would make an interesting film.
Films normally get made after years of planning and relentless publicity, all backed by millions of dollars.
But director Maria Fredriksson was starting on an unknown journey, which will leave you amazed and shocked and entertained, right to the very end. It’s a cracker.

The various subjects give nothing away at first, then burst out with declarations of love and hate, or even fantasies of violence.” Lauren Humphries-Brooks, Citizen Dame.

An astounding and cleverly structured exploration of serendipity, faith, social divisions, family ties and personal identity.” Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter.