“A slice of life as it is lived in an industrial town in Northern England but it is universal in its characters, its situations and its truths” CLEVELAND PRESS JULY 14, 1967
Our film for February started life as a play “All in Good Time”, which had a successful run on Broadway, and featured Marjorie Rhodes in the same supporting role, for which she was also nominated for a TONY award, which goes some way to explain her terrific performance in the film. With screenplay by Bill Naughton (Michael Caine’s Alfie) and full music score by a novice film composer (a Mr P McCartney) who was about to record a long playing album about one lonely Sgt Pepper (and his band) this British comedy drama has drawn loads of followers over the years for its cultural resonance, its 60’s locations (Rochdale and Bolton) and, possibly, its controversial X-certificate.
20 years later, stills from the film appeared out of the blue on a couple of single sleeves chosen by aspiring local crooner Stephen Patrick Morisey (“Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before” and “I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish“).
So it’s local, it’s loved and it’s got a bit of a reputation. Much like the Film Club itself.
“There is a genuineness about the entire motion picture that is refreshing — humour that is friendly and poignancy that never overreaches.” CLEVELAND PRESS JULY 14, 1967