We’re a little early this month but this is a cracker that we can’t wait to see! 

Mark says…When I first saw The Sound of Metal I thought it was going to be one of those unique gems that slips through the net, missing out on critical praise and the mass audience it genuinely deserves.
A music film without music, an addiction film without drugs.
The Sound of Metal presents the shocking sound of silence and about what happens the day after…
In the next few weeks this film will win all sorts of awards but it’s not been available until this Monday 12th April. With terrific performances and brilliant, evocative sound design it’s a cracking watch.
“This film is just as much the story of an awakening – a man’s learning to listen, and to value a certain kind of stillness – as it is about the surface-level crisis of being suddenly struck deaf.”
“A beautifully argued parable about the need to go where life takes you, Darius Marder’s debut thrives on the soul of Riz Ahmed and the bold creativity of sound designer Nicholas Becker.”
“Sound of Metal is a stunning film-making accomplishment. It’s one of the best films of the year.”