British director Raine Allen-Miller, became the toast of the Sundance Film Festival in January with RYE LANE, a hugely enjoyable romp that effortlessly combines the rom-com format with the in-your-face visual cheekiness of Peep Show. A cracking romance. A sign that cinema is still alive. A welcome blast of joy and optimism.

Mark says:
“At Altrincham Film Club we always try to fulfil that unique opportunity in cinema, escapism. To present you with a different point of view or place or experience. Or as our audience members often say, “there’s no way I’d have chosen to watch that, but I really enjoyed it”; RYE LANE ticks many of these boxes. You’ll be whisked off into another world, with surprises, and warmth and actual old fashioned jokes. Perfect for a cold, soggy November.”

“RYE LANE will leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step“ Mark Kermode, The Guardian.

“RYE LANE is a winsome delight, alive with color, verve, humor, and heart.” KRISTY PUCHKO, Mashable.

“RYE LANE is about a day that gets continuously better, if not funnier and more loving… What makes the film relatable is how achingly human it all is.” Meagan Jordan, Rolling Stone.

“RYE LANE is a shock to the system and the current landscape of romantic comedies. It’s loving, genuinely humorous, and an effortless crowd pleaser. A beautiful, energetic reminder that love is worth going after time and again.” Tina Kakadelis, Beyond the Cinema Dome.