Brainy scientist Sarah is about to escape. The PhD student is leaving New York, moving 500 miles away to Ohio. But then she inherits a book shop, a Christian bookshop, in the Ghanaian community in the Bronx. Her dad is parked on the sofa watching Arsenal matches, where he expects to be waited on hand and foot. Sarah’s day job is curing cancer, but there’s only one question her family is asking, when is she going to settle down and start making babies?

Mark says,
In this rare glimpse of the Ghanaian community in New York, our heroine has to navigate the world she has worked hard to leave behind. Director Nana Mensah reminds us, we often forget those who loved and supported us as we designed our escape.

“a very personal tale with real life-inspired aspects of NYC’s ex-pat and first-generation Ghanaian community.” Jennifer Green,

“This tightly conceived, witty and compassionate dark comedy is a love letter to children of Ghanaian immigrants and to the Bronx.” Lovia Gyarkye, Hollywood Reporter.

“Actress and first-time director Nana Mensah is entirely believable as an overwhelmed young woman who’s a fish out of water in her own culture.” Selina Lee, In Line Review