Queen and Slim

We’ve waited a few months for QUEEN & SLIM to be available for us to view, but meanwhile tragic events continue in real life and the Black Lives Matter protests have brought these issues to international public attention…

What they said about Queen & Slim:

Through love and conflict, the drama shows the different ways Black Women can be. And, it’s refreshing, especially in today’s cinema.”

a humanising love story that explores an honest and uncompromising portrayal of the fears and journey of a black experience in America. It takes a specific fear within the black community and expounds that fear to a pragmatic conclusion.”

a provocative and exhilarating ride down the road of police brutality and the relationship between the police and Black community

Melina Matsoukas’ film directorial debut stuns with its memorable vignettes. A thrilling ride, Queen & Slim serves a reminder that a Black person’s journey is equally as important as how it ends.”