On the verge of turning 40, Janis (Penelope Cruz) happens to give birth on the same day as another single mom, 17-year-old Ana (Milena Smit) her roommate at the hospital. From those earliest, kindhearted conversations, the two women find themselves connecting in myriad, unexpected ways during one of the most vulnerable and thrilling times in their lives.

Mark says…
Pedro Almodovar has been making provocative films for over 40 years and PARALLEL MOTHERS finds him on great form.
We meet photographer Janis, who is determined to uncover the truth about how the Spanish Civil war affected her family, but can she be this honest in her personal life?
Full of ideas and contradictions, sometimes we literally see one thing and hear another, the predominantly female cast spans the generations, but they are divided by experience and politics.
Is it a luxury to only look to the future or must we learn from the past?

“Most of all, it’s Cruz who sets the tone, with a performance that radiates warmth and is refreshingly forgiving of her character’s flaws. She has never been better.” Wendy Ide, Observer.

“I was both fairly sure what Parallel Mothers might be, and eager to be surprised. Thankfully, Almodóvar delivers on both fronts – as Almodóvar should almost always be entrusted to do.” Barry Hertz, Globe & Mail

“Pedro Almodóvar’s new movie has the warmth and flair of a picture from Hollywood’s golden age, with whiplash twists and the addictive sugar rush bumps of daytime soap. What an emotional experience.” 5 stars. Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.