‘Nothing Compares’ charts Sinead O’Connor’s phenomenal rise to worldwide fame and examines how she used her voice at the height of her stardom, raising issues many years before they gained mainstream attention. The media reacted predictably and savagely, exploiting her mental ill health for newspaper sales, leading to her exile from the pop mainstream.
“A very moving, shocking and compassionate film”

Mark says:
NOTHING COMPARES reminds us how very clear and straight forward and honest Sinéad was. And how young and apparently fearless, to be saying what she said. Speaking truth to power. It’s quite shocking how powerful the tabloids were, how their double standards were paraded without fear of censure (she has 4 children, with different fathers, when Mick Jagger has 8 kids with 5 different partners and nobody cares…) It reminds us to value and protect those artists, and friends, who are with us now. Let them know we love them and that we hear them.

“Although the film wasn’t intended as one, it’s a worthy memorial to a fearless, bright-burning life.”
Shaad D’Souza, The Guardian.

“O’Connor’s actions may have been celebrated rather than vilified had she been in the spotlight 30/40 years later.”
Kat Halstead, Common Sense Media.

“This film dares the world to go back and analyze the persecution O’Connor received and ask why. It also challenges the idea of protest music and its exclusion from the mainstream.”
Chauncey K. Robinson, People’s World.