In Between

The expertly crafted narrative shows Arab-Israelis as you’ve never seen them before, breaking all the major taboos of the group’s long-standing culture.
The first words uttered in “In Between,” are words of advice: If you want to make your husband happy, an older woman tells a bride, “don’t raise your voice.” For the trio of young women at the centre of this sharp, wise and vibrant ode to female independence, those are words to resist, not live by.
“In Between,” is fatalistic about the local political situation, pessimistic about men and encouraged by the power of female solidarity. In other words, whether by serendipity or prophetic insight or some combination of the two, it’s a perfect movie for the moment.

What the critics say –

Hamoud calls this “an authentic picture of a kind of invisible life that we live here as a younger generation of Palestinians”
Mark Kermode –  “A slyly subversive drama that draws us deep into an often hidden world; caught between freedom and repression, religion and secularism, the past and the future.”