Lauded at numerous international film festivals since it debuted last year at Berlin (where it won Best First Feature), the off-beat comedy “Güeros” takes place in 1999, during a period of student unrest in Mexico, and many of the young people on screen, militants and slackers alike, live consciously in the shadow of 1968.
“The story pops and swerves; the images are by turns comical, banal and ravishing; and the result is a briskly shaken cocktail made of equal parts provocation and comfort. You come away with a buzz that is invigorating and pleasantly familiar.”
New York Times
“This moody and seductive black-and-white Mexican road movie is a meandering, circling tale that never looks less than gorgeous. What flair, what humour, what eccentric dash – with a bit of Spike Lee” Guardian Peter Bradshaw 4 / 5 stars
Debut feature from 37-year-old Mexican film-maker Alonso Ruizpalacios, “Güeros” comes to the Alty Film Club having won a string of festival awards.