Free Solo

Climbing the walls this half term??!! 

You need to come to Film Club for our film for May: Free Solo.  This film has blown us away and must be seen on the big screen, sharing seriously tense moments with others with a glass of wine in hand.  We’re in awe of the stunning visuals, the documentary team…and of course, Alex Honnold himself.  

Here are some of our favourite reviews from Rotten Tomatoes (of which there are many!!!):

“It’s very nearly transcendent watching this gangly little man conquer the natural world and make his mark on the historical record. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the privilege to see something like this again, and for that I am grateful this exists.”
The Lonely Film Critic

“Both intimate and expansive, Free Solo is a documentary beautifully calculated to literally take your breath away. And it does.”
Los Angeles Times

“There is something epic and disturbing about Honnold’s singularity, his desire to be the one person on the planet who can do something that no one else can.”
Sydney Morning Herald