Finders Keepers

FINDERS KEEPERS is a perfect example of Altrincham Film Club discovering the very best, surprising and unusual films and bringing them to you.
More Coen Brothers than the Coen Brothers, think FARGO meets BIG LEBOWSKI – but in real life!
(Warning – not to be confused with the horror film of the same name!)
“What could easily be a silly saga or a simple indictment of the culture of fame becomes something diabolically more insightful and uplifting.
It’s about how one small incident can change the lives of two families.”

Other reviews:
A brilliant balance of comedy and tragedy.
Finders Keepers is as delightful as it is bizarre.
The sort of plot that no screenwriter in his or her right mind would ever dream up.
The ludicrous true-life story of two North Carolina men fighting over possession of a mummified leg reveals genuine pathos and sorrow.