Altrincham Film Club presents the comedy drama EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED, starring Elijah Wood.

A young Jewish-American man obsessed with his family history, Jonathan Safran Foer (Elijah Wood) decides to travel to Ukraine to find out more about the life of his grandfather, armed with an old photograph and a pocket full of small plastic bags.  Guided by Alex (Eugene Hutz), a rap-obsessed local, Jonathan ventures into the heartland of Ukraine trying to shed light on events that occurred during World War II.  Joining them on the road trip is Alex’s surly grandfather (Boris Leskin) and a dog named Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.

Marks says…EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED starts off funny, unusual and sometimes down right mystifying, what you’d recognise as Wes Anderson/Coen Brother territory.  And then with your expectations open and your guard down it takes you seamlessly into another world of darkness and loss that is poignant and haunting.