Radio journalist Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix – playing against type) interviews young people about their hopes and fears for the future. But following a family crisis, he has to look after Jesse, his eccentric, endearingly odd nine-year-old nephew. 
C’mon C’mon first came to our attention when our very own Mark Elliott was a jury member for this year’s BAFTA awards. Joaquin Phoenix was up against heavyweights Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington and Benedict Cumberbatch, in the category of “Leading Actor,”  and as we all know, Will Smith was the eventual winner.

Mark says:
“I really enjoyed Phoenix’s character but for me the standout performance in C’mon C’mon came from Gaby Hoffmann as the mother/sister/wife.”

Once Mark had raved about this film to us, we just had to get it and share it with you.  Easier said than done…the quest for a license to screen C’mon C’mon also had some unexpected twists and turns!  

This is a movie about listening – really listening – to what other people have to say.” Wendy Ide, The Observer.

C’mon C’mon is about the messy and challenging process of building and maintaining relationships between one another, between family. And it’s a testament to how beautiful that is.” Sarah Gorr, The Spool.

A tremendous showing from Joaquin Phoenix, operating at a register he’s rarely found before. It’s a career best for him – lovely, empathetic, humane.” Angelica Jade Bastién, New York Magazine.