Call Me by Your Name

CALL ME BY YOUR NAME (Best adapted screen play Oscar), is a sensual and transcendent tale of first love set in the north of Italy in the summer of 1983

The film is at its most charged before anything happens, without words, before touch, with everything in the balance. Each element is carefully calibrated, but deployed with consummate grace—this is a film to rush to, and to then savour every minute of. You may not realise how strong the acting is until you replay the movie in your head later.

The drama is filled with raw emotions and evinces an incredible honesty in terms of storytelling. The filmmaking style reflects, even more, the vivid three-dimensionality of the characters.

This film stays with you long after you leave the cinema, like a high-tide mark. It had ecstatic five star reviews from festivals, the sort most directors can only dream of, and has been described in Sight and Sound as a ‘ravishing evocation of romance’. The Guardian