This month we bring main-stream box-office gold to The Cinnamon Club on Thursday 28th April – bar open at 7.30, short at 8pm and main feature around 8.30.
On the heals of Film Club hits such as a taxi drive in Tehran, and a story of three generations of Tibilisi women spoken in Georgian, Russian and French, we now proudly show BROOKLYN “Unashamedly romantic and achieved with a beautifully subtle, old-fashioned elegance, it’s a graceful coming-of-age tale ripe for awards.”
EMPIRE, Dec 2015
“It’s not easy to make a movie as beautiful as Brooklyn, where the stakes are low but the outcome really matters. This is an old-fashioned entertainment, but one so masterfully crafted and heartfelt that it’s hard not to love.”
AV Club Nov 2015