We’ve all seen a bunch of youngsters tumble into the office with tall tales of their drinking session last night, unaware that their “senior” colleagues know full well how to complete a day in the office nursing a hangover from hell.
Not to mention the ultimate accolade of drinking right through the night and going straight into work the next day – anyone out there done this?
So imagine the opposite, where you drink at work and no alcohol is allowed “outside” of working hours?
As part of a scientific “experiment.”
By a group of teachers?
“Quite simply, a really terrific film.” Frank J Avella, Awards Daily.
“So much more than a gaudy comedy – a warning to hold onto what you love in life with all your might.” Ella Kemp, Little White Lies.
“Another Round convincingly captures the hilarious highs and devastating lows of a wonderfully ridiculous experiment…” Emma Simmonds, Radio Times.
“Another Round has the lurching rhythm of a drinking session. All is great fun, or at least loudly harmless, right up the point when it isn’t.” Danny Leigh, Financial Times