Claire Rushbrook and Adeel Akhtar embark on a forbidden affair in Clio Bernard’s brilliant drama, Ali and Ava

When Mark messaged us about this he said:
“This film is a rare thing, folks going about their lives, trying to be nice, trying to be helpful and trying to be kind. And when you find out why, well that’s a completely different, unexpected place. It reminds you why there are terrible 3 hour super-hero epics, because making 95 minutes like this is really difficult!”  So we just had to share it with you…

Movies so rarely show us something as wonderfully, believably ordinary as Ali and Ava – which is precisely why it feels so extraordinary.” Justin Chang, NPR

Akhtar and Rushbrook give crystalline performances, their characters looking at each other and seeing the chance to be their own whole selves.” Danny Leigh, Financial Times
Sometimes, it’s the charming films that pack the most powerful punch. Ali & Ava, a romantic drama from director Clio Barnard, examines loneliness and uncertainty through a heartfelt and realistic lens.” Emily Bernard, Collider.