AFTER LOVE, our award wining film for Thursday 28th October.

 Films can transport you to the past or the future or to see our modern world through the eyes of others. We recognise the genres without thinking; spy saves the world, rom com, heist, coming of age…

And then there’s the film that poses the question “what if?” That compels you to ask “what would I do?” when faced with a shocking, heart-breaking, bewildering situation? AFTER LOVE asks these very questions again and again, about something that really could happen to any one of us; no spies, no gangsters, no intergalactic warriors. When you find out the person you love, your partner, your soul mate, your everything, had a double life. Another terrific film that will have us all chatting long after the credits roll.


AFTER LOVE is driven by a fantastic performance from Joanna Scanlan, as devoted wife Mary Hussain, who converted to Islam when she married. Now in her 60’s she finds herself a widow following the unexpected death of her husband. A day after the burial, she discovers that Ahmed had a secret family living just 21 miles from their Dover home, across the Channel in Calais.

 “AFTER LOVE has the agony of a domestic tragedy and the tension of a Hitchcock thriller.” 5 Stars, Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

 “English, French and Urdu are spoken, but it’s notable just how much Scanlan says without words.” Mark Kermode, Observer.

“AFTER LOVE is a film that will stay with you after the credits roll.” Tori  Brazier, Flickering Myth.