Bally Walter

Eileen is a sardonic University drop-out who works as an unlicensed taxi driver. Her passenger is Shane, who has exiled himself in Ballywalter and enrolled on a course to learn stand-up comedy. As the two spend time together a surprising connection is made and an unlikely friendship develops… Co-starring Patrick Kielty in his first dramatic role.

Mark says:
This is a cracking double act; unpredictable, hilarious and moving. Eileen doesn’t like being a taxi driver and doesn’t like her passengers, Shane has come to Ballywalter to escape from something and a grumpy cabbie is the last thing he needs. But give people a chance and they find a way…

“Thank goodness for Seana Kerslake, who drives the action, literally and figuratively. Her portrayal of the damaged but resilient Eileen is prickly, unsentimental and true.” Ryan Gilbey, The Guardian.

“Director Prasanna Puwanarajah and writer Stacey Gregg treat the sensitive subject with the care it deserves, and they find plenty of room for hope.” Emma Simmonds, Radio Times.

“Ballywalter is a heartfelt little gem.” Alexa Dalby, Dog & Wolf.


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April 25, 2024