Souad is a bright 19-year-old student, living in a small town called Zagazig on Egypt’s eastern Nile delta. We see her showing a picture on her phone to an old lady and telling her how this is her fiance Ahmed, but the reality is she has never actually met him; an example of how young Egyptians in conservative communities use social media to escape a confined present and uncertain future.
This quietly bristling film has a whole world going on under the surface.” Danny Leigh, Financial Times.
A vibrant and naturalistic film about the perils and pitfalls of growing up as a young woman in a traditional religious society.” Rob Aldam, Backseat Mafia.

“Ayten Amin’s intensely involving, social realist drama immerses us in the lives of two teenage sisters as they navigate a society with high expectations and suffocating constraints.” Allan Hunter, Screen International.