We have a lovely, heartwarming film for you. Two observations about American Samoa:

Gender roles in Samoan culture have long included that of the fa’afafine, adopted by those male at birth but enacting both masculine and feminine gender traits, and very crudely(*) translatable into a Western role as transgender.
The national football team is, literally, the very worst in the world.
These facts are not at all related. But they are, fascinatingly, both ingredients of our Christmas showing, Next Goal Wins (15), an upbeat and charming documentary which made Mark Kermode say it was the first and last time he ever punched the air because someone hit the back of the net.

It’s on Thursday 10th December. Doors open 7.30pm, shorts at 8pm, £2 members, £9 nonmembers, Cinnamon Club Bowdon.

(*) Crudely, both in the sense of an simplification of a role which is expressed differently between village and urban cultures and evolving as Western sexualities are embedded into those cultures, and as an othering inherent in the privileged discourse of the coloniser of space and gender. Sorry.